Monterey Bail Bonds Information & Services

Gotta Go Bail Bonds is a fully licensed and bonded professional Monterey bail bondsmen – one of the most trusted names in the California bail bond industry. Our local Monterey bail bond agents know the Monterey County Jailsystem and can help you navigate the Monterey bail process.  Gotta Go Bail Bonds has helped thousands of Monterey County and City of Monterey residents get their loved ones released from jail.

The Monterey bail bond process is easy and often can be finalized in less than one hour. Our bail agents can post a bond at any Monterey County jail facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are happy to provide free bail bond information.  Call us at (888) 747-2900.

Release times can vary depending on the jail facility and the workload of the jail staff. When contacting any jail you should have a court case number or booking number in order to obtain arrestee information or you can contact our Monterey Bail Office for help locating your friend or loved one.

Monterey Police Department

The City of Monterey maintains a modern, highly trained and well-equipped police department. We work diligently to provide a safe community, reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for our many residents, businesses and visitors.

Monterey Police Department
351 Madison Street
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: 831-646-3914

Monterey Area Jail Locations

Monterey County Jail
1410 Natividad Rd.
Salinas, CA 93906
Phone: 831-454-2444

For additional Monterey County jail locations and contact information, please visit our Monterey County Jail Locations page.