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With lower rates for clients who retain private counsel, flexible payment plans, warrant service and court appearances, private law firms and individual attorneys can save their clients time and money by referring them to Gotta Go Bail Bonds.

Attorneys: Save Your Client 30% on Bailattorneys

Gotta Go Bail Bonds offers the lowest rates available for clients who retain private counsel. If your client is serious enough to hire your firm, then we are willing to pass this savings along in an effort to reduce the overall cost of a sound criminal defense. Save your client 30% on bail today.

Interest Free Payment Plans

We recognize economic realities and that is why we offer very flexible credit terms. We will work with your client by setting monthly payments affordable with their financial position.  Gotta Go Bail Bonds is fast becoming known for being the most affordable bail agency in California. With payment plans for any client who needs it, we lessen the financial burden placed on the client when the bail is posted. We also offer our clients affordable interest free payment plans so they can literally bail today and pay tomorrow. We will put together an affordable payment plan so they can get out today-regardless of whether they have all the money up front for bail.

Warrant Surrenders

If you have a client who has a Bench Warrant or an Arrest Warrant, our office can provide very helpful assistance not only to you, but your client.  Gotta Go Bail Bonds can run up-to-date warrant information for your client, thus giving your client the ability to negotiate the bond before surrendering.  We can also arrange the surrender with law enforcement, in turn expediting the booking and releasing time.

Court Support

Our professional staff is prepared, at a moment’s notice, to assist clients who need our services in court. For example, if your client is appearing in custody and would like to post bail, we can deliver the bond to the court and reduce the amount of time your client spends in jail.

If your client needs bail, have them call Gotta Go Bail Bonds at (888) 747-2900. Our agents are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PC1275 Holds

For the past several years we have worked in concert with the legal community in assisting clients and attorneys in completing PC1275 holds. We have great success in completing PC1275 hearings in that we maintain the highest integrity in putting the packages together in a very professional presentation. Our office will work directly with your client in getting the necessary documents of support, relieving you of this time consuming task.

Bail Information Assistance

We understand you and your staff are very busy. In an effort to save you time, we offer jail information assistance. If you need any information from a jail, call our office and let us get the information for you.

Our Relationship with Attorneys

Attorneys and Gotta Go Bail Agents have a very important task in seeing that justice is served in regards to your client’s legal issues. We are committed to providing the most professional and comprehensive service the industry. We hope through this commitment you are proud to send all of your clients to Gotta Go Bail Bonds.

If your client needs bail, have them call Gotta Go Bail Bonds at (888) 747-2900. Our agents are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.